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"The Ghosts of Crowley Hall made me believe that ghosts really do exist."


"If you like shows like Ghost Hunters, or if you like old abandoned buildings like me, this film is for you. I sincerely hope they go back and see what other things they can find out about this amazing historic place! 7/10"

The Angry Princess - Horror Society, Dread Central

"It had some good ideas and very nice camera work which made me buy into the while docu-drama that we got. Some nice apprehension and some decent scares."

Obscure Horror


"The movie is seamless, one if not the best para-docs out there. It blows 14 degrees way out of the water. The movie has everything a paranormal investigator would want to see in a film. Great Job.... MORE PLEASE!!"

Middle Tennessee Ghost Chasers

"It’s spooky, all right. I know for sure that you’re not getting me inside that creepy old hospital! It’s worth a look, even if you don’t totally buy into the ghosthunting stuff."

Trash Film Orgy

"If you are a fan of ghost hunt videos/television programs, and you tend to believe them, you may enjoy this."

Tom Hunter,

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The Ghosts of Crowley Hall’ is a documentary currently being made about the Paranormal Investigation that was carried out at the hall during the summer. It shows the true events of Ghost Hunter Arron Kasady, his team of Investigators and their findings at the hall.

It is being made by Walrus Films in association with Dark Mask Films, and is being directed by Daren Marc. The ghost team and film crew carried out the investiagation over two nights - 26 May 2007 and 11 August 2007.

The movie is currently in post-production, and will be released as a feature film on DVD worldwide around the end of November 2007.

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Arron's Thoughts about Crowley Hall

In all the investigations I have done I can truly say that I have walked away thinking that maybe there was a scientific explanation for everything I have witnessed. I am a ghost hunter, I should always come away questioning what I have seen that way I can separate what I believe is true paranormal activity from what isn’t. However when it came to the location I am writing about now, I can honestly say my beliefs were turned upside down and inside out.

We heard about Crowley Hall when the owner of the location called us about some problems he was having whilst carrying out renovations. The workers he had employed had been suffering at the hands of sever supernatural activity and during a particularly nasty attack had downed tools and gone on strike.

Well, when the team hear this sort of thing it like music to our ears. Plus we had recently been discussing the possibility of shooting a documentary of one of our investigations nothing had come close to the possibilities that Crowley Hall could have. So once everything had been organised we were on our way.

When we finally reached the building I was excited to be doing something a bit different from the norm. Not just carrying out an investigation with such a history as Crowley Hall had but also being able to document it on film. The building itself was a grand old place. Inside, although the upper floors had the look of a recent children’s hospital, the lower floors still held the atmosphere of a building that had been around for more than one hundred years. In fact this was probably the biggest building we had investigated.

My excitement was matched by the other members of the crew. This was a new experience for us and you could feel the atmosphere was electric. Unfortunately this wasn’t a feeling that was going to last very long.

Everything was going smoothly until Annabel whispered in my ear that she had grave reservations for the evening’s activities. She had felt that Crowley Hall had something in store for us that evening and she was extremely worried for the safety of everyone involved. She asked me to make sure that I was spiritually protected along with the rest of the crew.

I should have listened…

Annabel was uncomfortable about the whole thing from the very beginning. She had picked up on the spirits of Alfred and his killer Doctor Leys. She had told us that Doctor Leys was angry at us being there and he was going to show us just how angry he was later on in the evening.

I really should have listened…

Maybe it was the excitement of making the documentary that dulled my own feelings towards what could happen. Maybe I was just all caught up with making sure the filming was going on to think clearly. Everything was going well, we had heard some sounds, caught some ‘orb’ footage. The evening looked like it would in every other haunted building we had been in.

The shooting was going smoothly, interviews were filmed and a couple of vigils held. In my mind nothing more was going to happen. Until we held the séance in the old children’s ward. In retrospect I probably shouldn’t have pushed as hard as I did. I shouldn’t have said what I did. Annabel had been there to warn us of all this and I ignored the warnings.

What happened later on in that evening will stay with me forever. A lot of the team couldn’t sleep that night. I couldn’t sleep for days afterwards. I keep questioning what happened, always thinking back to the séance, always asking whether I could have handled things differently…constantly blaming myself.

It was the first time we have ever had to abandon an investigation halfway through. After what happened to me I knew we had to get out of there. We had been scared so much we couldn’t face spending one last more moment in that place.

It’s made me question a lot of my own beliefs, made me think about what is actually out there. A majority of us just think of life after death as a few footsteps in a dark building or a few lights anomalies flashing across a camera. We always hope for that full spectral manifestation to prove that ghosts are real but after Crowley Hall I don’t think you need a ghost to come right up to the camera and say hello to prove it exists.

We have been making plans to go back and finish what we started. Two thirds of the crew don’t want to return and I don’t blame them. I don’t want to go back but I need to find out if what happened that night wasn’t just my imagination.

The thought of going back scares me and I don’t mind admitting that for the first time in my life I am truly terrified.


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